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Course Book on Information Systems Audit Control by Ron Weber

The Book on Information Systems Audit & Control by Ron Weber is considered to be the bible of this field, just like Shukla Grewal for accounting. As it is considered essential reading for the course, a copy of this book is provided to candidates pursuing the ISA PQC. The ISA candidates are expected to go through this book thoroughly.

Researched Online Study Materials (ROSM) and Online Practice Test (OLPT)

The examinations for ISA PQC are of objective type examination wherein the candidates are expected to choose the most appropriate choice from four options, for any given question. As this is different from the CA main course, the twin facilities of ROSM & OLPT are provided to candidates as a unique learning and testing facility which also provides an exposure to the type of questions being asked. The OLPT facility enables candidates to have an assessment of their understanding of the subject, module wise or all modules and hence enables them to revise their understanding levels for a better chance to qualify the ISA ET/ AT examinations. The ROSM facility is a learning facility as it provides a page-full of technical literature on the question attempted to enhance their understanding levels of the subject.

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