Courses offered by the Committee

The Committee on Information Technology has been constituted by the Council of the Institute as a non-standing Committee in the year 2000 to identify the emerging Information Technology challenges and convert them into gainful professional opportunities members through courses, conferences, seminars, workshops, technical guides, e-Learning modules. This section of the Committee Portal provides relevant details of the courses offered by the Committee for the benefit of members...........

Forensic Accounting & Fraud Prevention using IT & CAATs

The Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, recognizing the need for Forensic Accounting and Fraud Prevention, in the emerging economic scenario, has decided to launch the “Certificate Course on Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection ”. Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection specialization is in increasing demand considering increasing incidents of cyber crimes and frauds detection. It is the practice of utilizing accounting, auditing, CAATs/ Data Mining Tools, and investigative skills to detect fraud/ mistakes..............

CPE Courses on CAAT

Businesses are making increasing use of computers/ information technology to process & manage their operations, particularly those related to accounts & finance. While physical records are fast disappearing, the volume and variety of transactions are increasing in increasing proportion. In the times to come, accountants and auditors have to increasingly make use of the computers for financial analysis and reporting for accounting, auditing.....

ERP Courses

The Committee on Information Technology has identified IT Enabled Services (ITES), particularly ERP, as the next area for development for the profession, after the Post Qualification Course (PQC) on Information Systems Audit (ISA). As a part of this ERP Initiative, the Committee is organizing ERP Courses through leading ERP Vendors in the country .......


ET Guidelines

Guidelines to Candidates For the
ISA PQC Eligibility Test (ET) on Saturday the 13th May, 2017.

Last Date for Receipt of Online ET Forms with Requisite Fees (where applicable), for the ISA Eligibility Test on the 13th May, 2017 is 30th April , 2017 till 5:30 PM
1. Scheduled date of Test: Saturday the 13th May, 2017.
2. Test Timings: 08:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
3. Test Centers: List of Tentative Centers for this ISA Eligibility Test are as follows:
4 Choosing Your ISA ET Centre -- Important:
  ISA Members opting for any of the List of Confirmed Centers will be accommodated in the Centers of their choice.
5 Eligibility Conditions:
1. Only those ISA Members are eligible to appear for the forthcoming ISA ET on 13th May, 2017. who are (a) Registered for the ISA Course and (b) have successfully completed their ISA Professional Training (PT) Course by with 90% attendance.
2. Attendance of members, who have completed ISA Professional Training from 1st October 2016 to 31st March, 2017, will be updated by 15th April 2017. In case you do not find your status updated, kindly forward your request giving requisite details (ISA No, Membership No., Name, ISA PT Date and City) by sending an e-mail to by 25th April, 2017 to enable the office to revert well before the last date of filling the ISA ET online forms.
6 Online ISA ET Form to be Filled & ET Fees Payable
  ISA Participants have to fill up the appropriate form available at CIT Portal on as noted in the following table and send the ISA ET fees by the last date notified (if applicable). Any form or fees received after the last date i.e. 30st April, 2017 till 5:30 p.m. will not be entertained under any circumstances.


ET Applicant Status

Applicable Form



First Appearance in ISA ET: Members who have completed PT course in the last two quarters, or are appearing in the ISA ET FOR THE FIRST TIME.

Form A

No fees to be paid.


Subsequent Appearance in ISA ET: Members who had appeared in ISA ET earlier but could not qualify and are hence appearing again (subsequent attempts - 2nd time to onward)

Form B

ISA ET Fees of Rs.500/- has to be paid for taking ISA ET for second/ subsequent attempts.


Appearing in ISA ET for Practice: Those who have already passed ET but failed in subsequent AT and intend to appear in forthcoming ISA ET for practice purposes.

Form C

Sr. Appearance     Fees Payable


First ISA ET Appearance

NIL Fees to be paid.


Subsequent Appearance in ISA ET

ISA ET Fees of Rs.500/- has to be paid by DD in favor of Secretary, ICAI and has to be made payable at New Delhi. The ET Fees has to be sent to:

Committee on Information Technology
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
7th Floor, Hostel Block, ICAI Bhawan,

A-29, Sector-62, Noida - 201309, India

Fees deposited at any other location will not be entertained under any circumstances. Candidates failing to pay ET fees by the last date of receiving ET fee i.e. (30st April, 2017) would not be allowed to take the ISA Eligibility Test (ET) on 13th May, 2017.


Last date for filling online form and receipt of fees, if applicable, at Noida Office is 30th April, 2017 till 5:30 p.m. Applications received after the last date would not be entertained under any circumstances.

7 Procedure to fill up the Online ISA ET Form
  Please follow the following steps to fill the Online ISA ET Form for May, 2017:
  1. Access the CIT Portal at using a computer with internet access through leased line/ dial-up modem.
  2. Login to the site using your ISA Registration No. and Password provided in the ISA Registration Letter. In case, you have not received your Password for ISA Information Services, kindly send a mail to by  30th April, 2017 to enable the office to provide the same to you on a timely basis.
  3. After logging in, Click on the button titled "ET Form" on the Menu on the LHS menu bar.
  4. Check that the photo displayed is yours, your correct address, mobile number and alternate e-mail id appears in the form. In case it is not correct, kindly upload requisite changes in your profile through link titled "Upload Details" in the LHS Menu, as these are critical for dispatch of your ET Hall Ticket, before submitting your form..
  5. Choose the Centre/ City from where you wish to take the ISA ET in the forthcoming attempt.
  6. Confirm that the data is correct and submit the form.
  7. On submission of this Form through the CIT Portal, your application status would be automatically updated in our database that you have applied and a confirmatory message will be displayed in your helpdesk interactions. The confirmatory message on the CIT Portal is a receipt for your successful form submission.
  8. Please note that it would not be possible for us to change your centre of examination after the form has been filled-in and submitted as the time available is very short.
8 Hall Ticket for the ISA ET in May, 2017

Admit cards for the ISA ET in May, 2017 would be available from 3rd  May, 2017, as the centre details have to be incorporated, at the CIT Portal under your login id. Kindly provide 2 PP Photos, in case you find that your photo is not uploaded on your login or is found to be incorrect. To take the ISA ET in May 2017, you have to bring the ISA ET Admit Card from 03rd May, 2017 that has to be downloaded using the login and password already provided. Please print the admit card from your login to the CIT Portal as a proof of your identity when you come to take your ISA ET. In case, you don’t find your photograph in the photograph column, kindly paste one self attested photograph on the admit card on the space provided for the photograph and send another copy of the same photograph to ISA department at Delhi for updating our records. Kindly bring your ICAI Identity Card/ Driving License/ Voter ID Card along with your ET admit card while coming to ET center, for identity verification.

9 ISA ET Results Declaration
  The May, 2017 ISA Eligibility Test Results will be hosted on the CIT Portal at by Monday, 22nd May, 2017.
10 Critical Dates at a Glance


Important Events for ISA ET on 13thMay, 2017



Hosting of Guidelines for filling ISA ET & Online Forms

15th April, 2017


Last date for filling Online Form and receipt of fees, if applicable;

30th April, 20175:30 p.m.


Date for Hosting List of ISA ET Centers with Venues

02nd May, 2017


Hosting Date of ISA ET Admit cards

3rdMay, 2017


Date of ISA Eligibility Test

13th May, 2017


Result of ISA Eligibility Test 

 22nd May, 2017.

11 ISA ET Helpline
  For further details/ clarifications, the ISA Helpdesk can be contacted at the following address between 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on working days
  Committee on Information Technology
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
7th Floor, Hostel Block, ICAI Bhawan,
A-29,Sector-62, Noida - 201309, India,
  Direct: Direct:+91 120 3045992
E-mail ID: Website: &
12 Examination Requirements & Mobile Phones:

Considering examination integrity requirements, candidates can be allowed to leave the examination hall only after forty five minutes of starting of session and signing their attendance. Candidates, coming late by up to 30 minutes May be allowed to take the examination session.

Candidates are not permitted to use Mobile Phones/ PDA etc. in the Examination Hall and they have to ensure that these devices are in switched off state from the time they enter the examination premises and till they leave the examination premises (08.00 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.). Use of Mobiles in Exam Centre is construed as use of unfair means considering recent incidents reported in the press.

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