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Emerging IT Professional Opportunities

Information Technology has now emerged as the Business Driver of choice by Enterprises and Government Departments to better manage their operations and offer value added services to their clients/ citizens. We now find increasing deployment of IT by enterprieses and governments alike in geometric progression.

While the increasing deployment of IT has given emmense benefits to enterprises and government departments, there have been increasing concerns on the effeciency and effectiveness of the massive investments made in IT, apart from the safety and security of Information Systems themselves and data intigrity. As enterprises are increasingly getting dependent on IT Resources to manage their core business functionality, there are also concerns of Business Continuity.

Sarbanes Oxley Act and Clause 49 of the listing requirements require companies to certify existance of sufficient controls/ checks & balances, which are today implemented as a part of the IT Implementations, and there is an increasing need for IS Audit Services, just like Statutory Audit, Bank Audits, Internal Audits, Compliance Audits.

Chartered Accountants, as the traditional trusted assurance providers to businesses and regulators, with their unique education and training, understanding of Business Requirements and laws of the land, are being increasingly relied upon to provide value added services in the IT Field like

  • IS Audit
  • Business Consulting
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • ERP Consulting,
  • IT Governance

The Committee has proactively taken steps to prepare the profession to face the challenges ahead by providing courses to provide the necessary education, training, development resources and mentoring to the members to convert them into gainful professional opportunities. Some of the major initiatives undertaken by the Committee are as follows:

  • Post Qualification Course on Information Systems Audit (ISA) to enable members to offer value added services in IS Audit/ Systems and process assurance
  • ERP Courses on SAP ERP BS 7.0 in two modules Financial Accounting and Management Accounting to offer Business Consulting/ ERP Consulting/ Business Process Re-engineering Services
  • Technical Guides on IS Audit and Systems Audit of Stock Brokers to provide a framework to members and facilitate them in offering these services in increasing demand
  • e-Learning Courses on (a) Using MS-Excel 2007 as an Audit Tool, (b) Using CAATs/ GAS and CAAT Resources CD to enhance the effeciency and effectiveness of operations through better and faster analysis of increasing variety and volume of transactions.
  • Made available International IS Audit Standards, IS Audit Guidelines and IS Audit Procedures to provide a framework to offer IS Audit Services in the country
  • Started Certificate Course on Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection to enable members to offer value added services in this field, which are in increasing demand considering recent fiascos.

The Committee is currently in the process of coming out with a course on IT Governance to enable members in industry to become Chief Information Officers (CIO), through a structured learning process.

Views and suggestions are invited from members on further initiatives that the Committee can take to enable them to provide additional value added services and enhance their professional opportunities through the following questiionnaire:

  Questionnaire - Emerging IT Professional Opportunities  
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