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The Committee on Information Technology has been constituted by the Council of the Institute as a non-standing Committee in the year 2000 to identify the emerging Information Technology challenges and convert them into gainful professional opportunities members through courses, conferences, seminars, workshops, technical guides, e-Learning modules. This section of the Committee Portal provides relevant details of the courses offered by the Committee for the benefit of members...........

Forensic Accounting & Fraud Detection using IT & CAATs

The Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, recognizing the need for Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection, in the emerging economic scenario, has decided to launch the “Certificate Course on Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection ”. Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection specialization is in increasing demand considering increasing incidents of cyber crimes and frauds detection. It is the practice of utilizing accounting, auditing, CAATs/ Data Mining Tools, and investigative skills to detect fraud/ mistakes..............

CPE Courses on CAAT

Businesses are making increasing use of computers/ information technology to process & manage their operations, particularly those related to accounts & finance. While physical records are fast disappearing, the volume and variety of transactions are increasing in increasing proportion. In the times to come, accountants and auditors have to increasingly make use of the computers for financial analysis and reporting for accounting, auditing.....

ERP Courses

The Committee on Information Technology has identified IT Enabled Services (ITES), particularly ERP, as the next area for development for the profession, after the Post Qualification Course (PQC) on Information Systems Audit (ISA). As a part of this ERP Initiative, the Committee is organizing ERP Courses through leading ERP Vendors in the country .......


ISA Course Guidelines for Participants

ISA Participant, We have great pleasure in welcoming you to the course on Information System Audit – your gateway to the exciting field of IS Audit Assurance services. Please do refer to the FAQ’s hosted on the ISA Portal to find information on the most frequently asked questions. An attempt has been made to provide a summary of the course activities for your ready reference and use in the following sections:

  1. ISA Portal: All communications from the ISA Administration are through the ISA portal at and the e-mail id issued to you at the portal. The E-mail Id issued to you on the ISA portal is the primary mail id for sending all communications related to ISA course. Kindly access the Online ISA Information Services regularly to get updated information about the course activities, updated information on high topics and information about forthcoming Conferences/Seminars/ Workshops. The alternate email Id provided by you would be used to send alert messages from time to time.
  2. ISA Materials: ISA Course Background Materials set, consisting of ISA Background Materials (2 volumes) and the book on information systems and Audit Control by Ron Weber would by issued at the ISA PT Center when you join the ISA PT sessions.
  3. ISA COM Twin Services–ROSM/ OLPT: The ROSM/OLPT facility provides sample test papers for you to attempt and assess your understanding/competence level and also provide a practical insight in this field. After you start your ISA PT, the PT Coordinator provides us a statement that of participants in the PT batch. Based upon the statement received, ACCESS KEYS are released for the participants through a mail (on your mail id) giving you the USERID and KEY to access the Online Practice Test (OLPT) AND researched online study Material (ROSM) for six months. You are required to register to use these services by clicking at the button “Register Here”.
  4. ISA Prospectus : ISA Prospectus is issued to member registering for the ISA Course by paying Rs. 10,150/- (Rs. 150/-for the prospectus). In case the same is not received you can register your requirement ‘Value Added Services’ at the ISA Portal
  5. ISA Mail ID :For accessing ISA information Services, please login to the ISA Portal at with the user id and password given to you. The password assigned to you in the ISA Registration letter is provisional to facilitate your first access to the ISA information Services: you are advised to change your password at the earliest to maintain confidentially. Once you the change this password it will be updated into the database and thereafter you must use the password assigned by you. Please maintain secrecy about your user Id and password as the information provided using this user-id and password is treated as submitted by you and authentic.
  6. ISA Professional Training (PT): PT Batches are generally scheduled on Sat/Sun Full Day basis (9.30-5.30) for six weeks. ISA PT batches are started from time to time on formation of break-even batches. When registration approaches 30 in a City, the ISA Administration coordinates announces a PT Batch in coordination with the concerned Branch/Regional Office. The concerned Branch Chairman / ISA Coordinators facilitate coordination and smooth conduct of the PT Course. Participants are hence requested to contact the regional/branch office for registration in forthcoming batchers. Minimum attendance of 90% is mandatory. Participants are requested to provide feedback about the faculties at the site.
  7. Details of Forthcoming ISA PT Batches:Are hosted on the ISA Portal at The exact URL is In fact, the course schedule giving the modules coverage is hosted on the website for information of all concerned. The detailed Course Schedule is sent to the Chairman/ISA Coordinators of al concerned Branches / Cities. Details are also mailed to individual ISA participants. Please therefore check your e-mail inbox regularly.
  8. Eligibility Test:After completing ISA PT with 90% attendance you have to appear in the ISA ET held on the months of May/Nov around second Saturday for which you have to do prior registration 15 days before the test ONLINE at ISA Portal.
  9. ISA Assessment Test: ISA AT is generally organized on 3rd/ 4th Week of Jun/Dec for which a Rs.25/- form issued by the Examination Division has to be filled along with AT Fees or Rs.1,000/- by 3/4 weeks before the AT.
  10. Information about ISA Activities :Information about forthcoming ISA Activities – Forthcoming PT Batches. ET Announcement ET Registration (Form A/ B/ C), Results Refresher Course, Assessment Test Announcement, Result of the Assessment Test and Other Useful info about the ISA Course is hosted at the ISA Portal at periodically.
  11. Further Details/ Assistance:Please refer to detailed FAQ in the ISA Prospectus/ Site for further details. You can request further clarifications/ details by sending e-mail to The complete contact address for the ISA Helpdesk is as follows:

ISA/ CAAT Helpdesk
Committee on Information Technology
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
Plot Nos.: 52-54, Vishwas Nagar, Shahadra
Delhi - 110 032
(Near Karkardooma Court)
Phone: PABX: 011-39893990 Extn.: 619/ 621
Direct: 011-30210619/ 621
Fax: 011-30210681
E-mail IDs:,
Website: &

Wishing you a bright future in this exciting field of Information Systems Audit/ Systems & Process Assurance, which is a value added service in increasing demand today.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,
Committee on Information Technology

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