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I have great pleasure in welcoming you to the IT Committe Portal offering current information about the Post Qualification Course on Information Systems Audit (ISA), other IT Courses, IT Publications and e-Learning courses offered by the Committee for the benefit of members.

The new world trade order ushering in globalization has lead to increasing competition and challenges forcing enterprises to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. The rapid innovations in information technology leading to greater efficiency, reliability, availability and reduced costs have today made IT one of the prime drivers of change. Then again, we have IT Migrations and increasing business process outsourcing (BPO) within the country and a large number of BPO projects coming into the country. We also find enterprises going in for increasing business process reengineering to provide for faster & better mechanisms to provide goods and services at the doorsteps of consumers. One thing common in all these initiatives is that organizations are making greater use technology solutions, be it Software Applications, ERP implementations, deployment of IT infrastructure (Servers, Computers, Networks), to support their core business functionality like core banking solutions, reservation systems. One case in point is the Project Parivartan initiated in the Institute itself to revamp the IT support systems to provide better services at the doorsteps of members and students.

The increasing IT penetration while giving immense benefits for the enterprises and their customers has also opened the proverbial Pandora’s Box of Evils - pitfalls, and failures, and concerns regarding efficiency and effectiveness of the considerable IT Investments and Information Systems Security. The Sarbanes Oxley Act and Clause 49 of the listing requirements increasingly require managements to certify existence and operation of sufficient internal controls, which are today implemented through IT Systems and hence the increasing need for IS Audits.

The Council constituted the IT Committee way back in the year 2000 to map emerging IT challenges facing the profession and convert them into professional opportunities for the members through suitable courses, workshops, conferences, seminars, technical guides and publications.

The Post Qualification Course on Information Systems Audit has been the first and foremost initiative launched by the Committee to enable members to offer value added services in the field of IS Audit. It gives me pleasure to note that this portal offers complete information about this course, fill online forms, undertake self study/ development using ISA e-Learning facility and twin services of ROSM & OLPT, download ET Certificate etc.

It gives me great pleasure to note that the Committee is spearheading the e-Learning initiative of the Institute by offering the following e-Learning courses, further details of which are available on this Committee Portal:

           1. E-Learning CD’s/ CBT’s
          a. Using CAATs/ GAS
          b. Using MS-Excel 2007 as an Audit Tool
          c. Windows, Network & WiFi Security – An Intro.
          d. IS Security, Cyber Threats & Review – An Itnro.

I am also happy to note that the Committee has identified IT Enabled Services (ITES) Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection, ERP Consulting, and allied areas as the thrust area for development of the profession in IT area, as these are value added services in increasing demand by the day.

The Committee also offers Certificate Course on “Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection” considering increasing demand for these services. The ERP courses offered by the Committee offer twin benefits of learning at your convenience and reduced costs - SAP. The Committee also organizes ISA Meets, IT Conferences/ Seminars/ Workshops on emerging IT areas such that members can develop in the sunrise IT sector.

I would urge upon members to develop in the IT area through the aforesaid initiatives and publications (Technical Guides/ Practice Guides), details of which are available on this portal.

I would also urge upon the members pursuing the ISA course to regularly visit this site to have update themselves with latest developments about the course, professional opportunities and technical update through the IT Harmony in an effort to gain sufficient experience in this upcoming field and emerge as the key service providers of IS Assurance.

I wish you all great success in this emerging field.

CA. Jay Chhaira, FCA
Vice Chairman,
Committee on Information Technology

21st February, 2017

New Delhi
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